Saturday, November 17, 2012

Demise of Freedom

"We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Some of the most infamous words ever put to pen and paper, the foundation of the Constitution of the United States of America. Long forgotten and all but erased from the minds of those who we depend upon to lead and govern this once great nation.

Forgive me, for those who read the ramblings of the Keeper. I do feel that ours is the most wonderful nation on earth and that it still holds dreams for so many of its citizens, but my confidence in it's leadership is questionable.

Laws are necessary to ensure civilized way of life for all. Without laws, this nation, this world would be utter chaos. But when laws made, erase or erode the foundation that was laid by the founding fathers of this country, the words, the thoughts the vision of such men are no more.

Once, the people of the world envied us. They sought to leave their own home countries and journey to ours to share in its wealth and prosperity. Now, it looks as if prosperity resides in other places beside here.

What has happened over the years that have changed this nation? What has transpired to erode our own beliefs and confidence in a nation once built upon freedom? Sadly, the answer is simple. Those whom we placed our trust in and elected to office have, over time, torn down the marbleized concepts of this nation.

Money, power and the ability to participate in wrongful endeavors and manage to come out the other side clean as a whistle, tempted good men to turn their glare, their concerns away from the American public.

Current situation regarding "Obamacare". What happened to our rights and our freedom when the president tells us that we "HAVE" to have healthcare of else face civil penalty? Our freedom robbed because rich politicians decide what they want and not what we want. But keep in mind dear reader, these very hypocritical, filthy rich mindless politicians are exempt from many of the laws they say we need to live by.

Currently they enact laws that affect many people but have no concerns about the effect it has on us as a whole nation. Politicians are elected by falsehood and not based upon merits. Based upon the amount of money they have, the college they attended, or the businesses they own, are elected.

They now spend so much time with their noses in the concerns of other countries while neglecting the problems in their own backyards. Each one backing or supporting the needs of another politician as long as it will eventually benefit them in the long run.

Jobs are scarce, yet they say the economy is doing better. Gas prices soar, but yet they care not for those who barely can afford food, besides a tank of gas. Why? Simple! They do not have to worry about the price of gas for two reasons. 1) They already have enough money in their fat wallets to choke a mule, so gas isnt going to break them and, 2) the American tax payer allows them to fill their tanks on our hard work.

Every day businesses close down. Many move to other countries, setting back up with cheap labor, making their products and shipping it back here for us to buy. Every day someone somewhere in the US gets a lay off slip. Yet, those who are elected by us or hired by us to represent us in local, state and national government, have found ways or enacted laws that prohibit them from ever being dismissed from their post.

It would be so ironic, so humerous if we were able to fire them for not doing what we elected them to do. But I can't help to wonder, if we did have such power to lay off, reprimand or demote politicians, if they would do a better job.

The United States is not the worlds police department. Why should our own children die  because other countries cannot manage their own governments? Serving our country? It doesn't seem that way, it feels as if they are serving the interest of politicians.

Do not misunderstand these ramblings. I admire, respect and honor everyone who has ever served in our armed forces. They deserve far more than what they receive and it hurts me to know this. They did what their government ask them to do and sacrificed so much to do so.

To vent, rant or rave is possibly what I am doing here. Sickness or sadness to see where our country is going, based upon where it has been. Seeing that it is never going to change and that it will always be operated based upon what the rich, corporate minded people desire and not what We the people need.

The American revolution began because of such problems. The famed Boston Tea Party, far removed form the current political class of the same name, was solely due to no representation of the colonist needs in England. Our needs and voices were not heard or met in the King's court. Thus revolution!

Is it not the same today? Our voices are not heard. Our needs not met. Or problems not addressed. So very sad that our nation has falling from its true purpose. Now our freedom is taken from us little by little. Our society spoiled because of liberal beliefs from a ruling class. Democracy? Doesn't sound very much like it to me.

Sadly I feel that many of the ones who fought, died, built, devised and constructed this nation from its very inception would be so sick at how it has turned out. Maybe not the nation itself but the way it is ran. Our government is the best in the world, but those who manage it lack in so many qualifications and their responsibilities are to themselves and one another instead of those who, because of their laws, can never hold elected office.

Sickened by career politicians who have taken us to borders of a wasteland. Smiling at themselves in the mirror because of how they have made themselves filthy rich on the sweat of others. "I will continue to do a good job for the American people", they campaign promise...but yet the proof is in the pudding. We continue to fall behind, society is now ran by pathetic idiots who fear hurting someones feelings.

President elected because of his kiss ass statements and not his merits. Kissing up to those who he knew would secure his re-election. Where are the jobs? Where is the better way of life? I apparently have been in need of having my eyes checked because I do not see it here in southern West Virginia.

Demise of freedom? Yes, dear reader, sadly it is. Everything we have once loved is being ripped from out very own grasp. Hatred for those who are in office. So many who do not deserve to be there, over shadowing and over ruling the few who are honestly trying to work for the American public.

Sad, so very sad, I would not offer any elected official a drink of water if their mouths were aflame. And how could they be on fire, seeing many of them will not stop spewing their poisonous lies, constantly running, speaking, tempting, teasing, robbing ruining the American way of life.